Omni Facility Management

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

Home is after all everything for us. We need it after a long and hectic day. We reside in this heaven at the end of the day we want peace in our houses and we want to see them in perfect condition. But sometimes their maintenance becomes a very time taking task for us. We know it. Many of the times; little things make you worry. We help you to be easy and happy all the time. Because we care for you. We work for you. We offer the best cleaning services and maintenance services for you. We feel pride in our services. That is why; we say it strongly that you find us splendid in our services in whole Canberra and the whole of Australia. So, what do you want? What is bothering you? Is your kitchen having a leakage problem? Have you found any water pouring from the roof or the pipes? It is very simple! Straight away call us! Immediately! We are very quick in our response. Our handyman Canberra comes to you in only one call.

Call us! And let us care! Our handyman will arrive instantly in Canberra for you. Wherever you are; busy in your office or you are having an important business meeting; you don’t need to leave your work. We are for you. Just contact us, carry on your job, and let us do the things right for you. Our workforce is always equipped with the all needed equipment and tools. So without wasting any time or a moment we make things right in a very short time. So, if you have any plumbing issues, gutter repairs, or any problem; you can contact us right away. We make it possible to fix the issues at the earliest. We don’t want you to be sleepless or worried at any moment. Occasionally, if you come to a certain situation and don’t know how to solve any home issue; even then you can call us.

If you are looking for gas fittings or carpentry; you can contact us. We are prepared for all of your maintenance issues. If it is your swimming pool painting, amenities upgrading, or even building rebranding; we are doing it all. We know that maintenance is a big job. When we entered this sphere; we took care of every need of yours. We even do sign writings for you. Actually, it is every and anything that you want. Therefore, we have stepped forward and expanded our work exposure from homes and domestic places to industries and factories. We have the best proactive maintenance plans for you. You can work with us based on per job or you can sign a monthly, yearly contract with us. We work for you. Price does not matter to us. Your satisfaction and positive nod are valuable to us. When you work with us you get satisfied by all the means. Omni works for you. So, why don’t you give us a call and talk to our customer services representative for any type of cleaning and maintenance services! For more updates, promotions, and discounts you can also join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.