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Elderly Care Services

We are a blessed nation with a strong life expectancy rate. We take it as our prior task to offer you the best aged cares near me and Elderly Care Services in Melbourne and in the whole of Australia. Since the beginning; it is our motive to make your life easier and more prosperous by providing Eldercare and Aged care near me. We want you to flourish and succeed. But everyone has a lot of responsibilities to fulfill. Our elders are one of them. We cannot ignore them. We cannot leave them. And it is our duty to look after them.

Many times our parents or dear ones enter into old age. This is the time; we have to pay them back. As they had raised us. Now it is our turn to give them back the love, once they had showered on us. We help you in today’s daily life to achieve your goals and take care of your loved ones. If you are busy with your work, you have important meetings, or some indispensable business commitments then don’t worry. We are here for you. Just type, “aged cares near me” on your cell phone or laptop. And you will find us in the top results.

You don’t have to leave your office or an urgent appointment. Just give us a call and our highly trained representative will be there for you. We have a team that takes this job as their “life”. Our people are friendly. They like to spend time with elder people. They have the ability to listen for hours. They love to talk. They talk meaningfully and raise the spirits. Your elders feel good in their company. Our staff is fully trained to look after all the Elderly Care Services. They know their job.

Our healthcare representatives have prime expertise in nursing, serving food, and massaging. They take care of all of the bathroom and laundry needs. We even take care of your pets at home. We are a trusted name in providing Elderly Care and Aged care near me. With a long list of clients; we have proven our mark in the services of our elders. “Visiting Angels” like its many other projects has excelled in the field of eldercare. Now it has become our identity to do the best whatever we do. 

If at any time your elders have to go to the hospital or they have a routine checkup with a local doctor; then our representatives carry them to the medical specialists with complete care and comfort. Our people are fully trained in all types of applied therapies. We have different wellness plans for you. Contact us. And let us care. We are never costly. This is the passion for humanity that drives us to offer the best services.

You can choose our health care plans as per your requirement. If you need our services on an hourly basis; we give the optimum ease. If it is a weekly, monthly, or even occasional requirement; even then we don’t refuse. We love to help. Therefore, we work. We are open on all business days. You can meet us at our premises or finalize the plans by phone or online. For more details, Please join us on FacebookInstagramTwitter, or Linkedin.

Whether it is dementia or Alzheimers, any one of us could be affected by it as we grow old. There’s no running away from that. Growing old is a part of our life, and so are the complications attached to it. Our Elderly Care Services have worked their entire lives for their families and their loved ones. Having said that, they deserve some care as well, precisely in their old age when they have trouble looking after themselves. Melbourne Aged Care Facility – Visiting Angels is no place like the others. We prefer the seniors in our society, their well-being, and their independence. We offer personalized experiences by tailoring our services according to the needs and requirements of each individual.

Getting to know every individual takes time, and it doesn’t happen instantly or overnight. We have a well-trained team of professionals that take their due time in interacting with the seniors prior to offering them our services.

Tailoring our services according to your needs, allows us to provide you with vital care, along with the independence you want; you set the rules. While you get all the enjoyment from life, we provide you with all the necessary care and looking that you require. Here’s a breakdown of the services that we offer at Visiting Angels – Melbourne Aged Care Facility.

Breakdown of Our Services:

To ensure you get the most out of your life, here, at Visiting Angels, we offer a range of services that not only allows you to be independent but, at the same time, let you receive the care and look after that you need.

At Visiting Angels, we offer domestic assistance that includes enhancing or maintaining your personal capacity to manage your day-to-day activities by yourself, with a primary focus on improving your skills and capacity building. In addition, we also provide social support by encouraging engagement in the community and boosting your social skills. Moreover, to help you commute, we also offer transportation wherever and whenever you need it.

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