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Welcome to one of the best security companies Canberra with a team of highly trained professionals. Omni security is committed to providing innovative security solutions to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing a full range of Security guards services and committed to the continuous improvement of contents and quality.

Security Guard Services

Omni Group have well-qualified and experienced Security Guard professionals that are dedicated to the growth and improvement of security within Australia. Omni Security has the highest standards of integrity and excellence at every level. To us, integrity and professionalism are of the utmost importance. As an organization committed to excellence, we maintain the highest industry standards for security officer’s training, loyalty, and character. All our security officers are highly trained and are subject to constant site supervision and random inspections to effectively meet the demands of the clients. Our security services Canberra officers are skilled and able to assist in undertaking additional duties such as,

  • Concierge / Gatehouse
  • Construction Site/Asset Protection
  • Crowd Controllers
  • Event Security
  • Patrol Guards
  • Retail/ Loss Prevention
  • Static Security Guard

Security Guard Services in Canberra

Providing security services is not easy. It demands a complete commitment to your safety and protection. Omni knows it; we have improvised some higher standards in guards’ security. Everyone cannot do it. It is not a piece of cake for all. Hence, we hired some highly trained professionals for you. We have zealous professional security guards who have made it their career. They have the expertise of the years. We provide you the uniform security guards and non-uniforms as well. Our workforce comes with clean records. They feel pride in their work. We have seen that many of the times’ security people cannot work all day. Or they find it difficult to match the required timings of the clients. This is not the case at Omni. Our security personals can work in irregular hours. Because you, your life and your preference are important for us. So, when you need us; our security staff is there for you. This unconditional commitment to work has made us a leader amongst the security companies in Canberra.

Now you tell us! What type of protection and “guards’ security” do you need? Do you need the surveillance outside your office, shop, or bank? We can erect our man there. Our team knows how to interact and communicate with people. They are specially trained to keep themselves calm in any type of hard times. You can easily collaborate with them. Your written or spoken instructions are fully followed. Our security guards have all the expertise to deal with difficult people in tough situations. They remain polite but they strictly maintain your safety. Our guards are supremely fit and healthy. Actually, we want every team member to be in pleasant appearance, and when it comes to the “guards”; we never compromise on their physical appearance. And it is just not the looks; we have also trained them for every type of conflicting and serious situations. That is why our guards also come with the basic knowledge of first-aid.

Complicated times can come at any moment. We prefer that our staff should have the needed expertise to monitor fire evacuations or any type of dangerous threats. This is a very demanding job. We know this. Therefore, we only come with the best protection for you. Natural disasters and flood control can also be required. So, we have also trained them for those times. Omni Group has made its mark in the whole of Australia through its prime services. You can fully rely on us. Contact us in all the business days. We have a pleasant team of customer care. We promptly respond to your requirements and reach to you within the shortest time possible. When it comes to the pricing factor; we are ideally affordable. Actually, the price is not our first concern. It is the safety and happiness of yours is that matters most to us. Security companies Canberra have different approachable plans for you. Just talk to us about your requirements and we can make a feasible plan for you. When you work with us; you become free to fly high, go here and there, and enjoy life! For more updates, promotions and discounts you can also join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.